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Once upon a time a story took hold of me. It started with a feeling...a strange feeling that I was not alone in a room where I was the sole occupant. It arrived like something in the mist, something more sensed than recognized. I could feel it circling me, teasing me, drawing me towards it. "Come. Come this way," it whispered. I reached out and was immediately pulled inside. Once there, I didn't know where I was. I stood in that strangely familiar world that had no beginning and no end, and waited. Then out of the dark fringes walked two people. Two people as alive as any in this world. Two people who came with desires, with troubles, with a voice, with a story. Two people who needed me to weave the words that would make them come alive in this world too.

That's how it all started, my first novel, The Vine. The story took hold of me and wouldn't let go. Other novels followed in the same manner. It reminded me of those women you hear about who don't know they are pregnant when suddenly 'surprise, it's a baby.' Well, surprise! It's a novel! And so I named them I, II and III such that people would not forget this is their birth order. They do say that birth order is very important.

My novels can be purchased from an array of on-line book merchants. Just go to your favourite retailer and search for Arlene Adamo and/or the title of my books. I am sure you will not be disappointed. Thank you for visiting my website.

Revolutionary science fiction

With time running out, Atira has been entrusted with saving an alien world…a world lost in its own cruelty and unyielding brutality. But when she finds herself falling prey to its oppressive atmosphere, the entire mission becomes threatened. Having lost the instincts that usually guide her, she is now faced with doubt and uncertainty. Many difficult choices lay ahead, and she knows there is no room for error. One wrong step would annihilate the planet and risk the future of the entire universe.  

A journey into fantasy

Cover of Myanaymiz

This story is a fairy-tale but not for children. Instead, it is a fairy-tale for adults who still carry the hope and beauty of the child within. So open the cover and let me take you on a magical journey to help sooth your weary mind and quench your parched imagination. But be warned, for you may not be the same person at the end as you were at the beginning...

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"Literature as a whole is not an aggregate of exhibits with red and blue ribbons attached to them, like a cat-show, but the range of articulate human imagination as it extends from the height of imaginative heaven to the depth of imaginative hell."

Northrop Frye, The Educated Imagination